Convince and Convert

Convince and Convert

To develop convincing skill, you must need to develop confidence. Confidence plays a very important role to develop convincing skills. Just for example, when you are trying to convince anybody that the “Earth is round”.

Here are a few tips that help in enhancing your techniques to convince and convert a client, it’s very essential to actually focus on points that matter i.e create utmost transparency amongst both the parties this not only helps in better understanding but also gives a deeper clarity on how things should be working.

Present what your service can do:

Showcase both visual and functional features. You can use text, graphics, video form. It’s fully up to your choice, though you need to make sure the form of presentation allows every site visitor to quickly figure out how things work.

Emphasize what’s unique to you or your firm:

Benefits that are generic to your product category can convince a customer to buy… but not necessarily from you! Use benefits that differentiate you from the competition. For example

Wrong: “Our software makes you more productive.”
Right: “Our customers report an average 30% decrease in costs, about twice the industry average.”

Give answers to all whys:

In other words: speak the language of benefits. What is the need that your service fulfills? What are the short and long term profits? How much of a value this particular offer can bring into your clients’ lives?

Display your terms of use and privacy policy:

In fact – show them off! Don’t be afraid to present them, make them easy to find from wherever on your website your prospect customer might be. It really pays off to put your cards on the table from the very beginning.

Know the difference between a benefit and a feature:

A feature is something that a product or service “is” or “does.” A benefit is something that the product or service “means” to the customer. For example:

Wrong: “This car has a reinforced safety roof.” (feature)
Right: “This car keeps your family safe.” (benefit)

Therefore, the tips we shared with you today will help you simplify your offer and make it more appealing to all your first-time visitors. Mind you, among your potential clients there are various personalities. We have taken this into account while preparing the list.

There are those who research a lot and compare services to find out what’s best for them. A brief, straight to the point introduction will help you earn their trust, as they will want to fact-check you before they sign up. The easier you make it for them, the better.

The second type are clients who want to avoid the unnecessary load of data. They will be delighted if you save them from the information overdose, quickly show them around and convince to use your product. You’ll have their trust for starters, and your duty will be to maintain it.

Both of the opposites are in visible need of clarity, so keep it as transparent as possible.
That will grab you some attention. Stay tuned for more such articles at Social Stardom.

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