Benefits of social media for Business

Benefits of social media for Business

Today “social media” is the equivalent to news. If anything, news stations have broadened their accessibility to include social sites. The advantages social media has to offer new businesses go from great to greater; with the availability of resource and information with real-time updates, we almost don’t know what more to ask for. Except that’s only the beginning… For businesses existing virtually is more important than a physical presence. It is the way we connect and reach out.

For businesses existing virtually is more important than a physical presence. It is the way we connect and reach out.

The advantages of social media for business are bountiful
  • Affordability; first and foremost, the accessibility of the internet has made digital marketing the cheapest and the most effective tool of marketing.
  • Worldwide networking; the initiative that a budding business can take to reach out to potential clients is immense.
  • Comparatively easier for Businesses to distribute content, product or service easily and quickly.
  • The ability to Geo-target for precision marketing: geo targeting allows us to aptly and swiftly target your market niche based on your location.For example; one will see advertisements based on which country they are in and we can further probe into this technology to detect potential clients around your business location.
  • Allows businesses to build relationships faster and more efficiently with their customer base; with digital marketing you can have the ability to set up customer care chat-lines which encourages open communication between customer and seller.
  • Real-time sharing of information; everything that happens in the digital world, happens instantly, therefore, any communication or information that one would want would get delivered and received immediately, whether it is an update about a product or service or any other kind of information.
  • Increases loyalty of the customers to a particular brand and business; Brand recognition and loyalty, with more channels of distribution, businesses can truly create a recognizable brand. Higher conversion rates; increasing the conversion rates through the help of the “human element”; people today enjoy being catered to individually which takes place in the ambit of social media marketing. The feeling of doing business with a person and a brand rather than a faceless organization.
The Initial Judgment on the impact of social media

In the formative years of the world wide web, there were online communities, which has since then grown exponentially. We now refer to online communities as, “social media.” It was popularly considered fading; as a passing trend of the youth. Skeptics could not foresee the potential shift in how we network; That lesson had emerged through social sites.

The level to which one could reach… An all-access pass to the world at your keyboard!

Why Social Media is Important for Business

The marketing potential was not realized. Now, over 2 billion people have accounts on various social media sites. According to a study done by the Global Internet Usage,only 3.2 billion people have access to the world wide web, out of which a large majority are on online social media sites. As of today, 51% of the world is on the internet.

Now having morphed into the information guzzling (pardon my french) machine that it has, we are constantly exposed to people around the world and in our own backyard. Social Media has become the obsession of the millennium. The passage to existence itself, but hey, everybody loves a good baby picture right?

Social Media & Small Businesses

Owing to the ease of access to the internet today, businesses can, for free, market to audiences that would preempt product roll-out. By being able to test reactions to certain products, social media can not only just be a marketing machine, but also a cost carpenter, ensuring that supply is tailored to demand, as opposed to the other way around. This fleet of embryonic clients can both be identified and be used as a springboard for further sales.

Business Outreach Through Social Media

The outreach of businesses through social media inherently make them transnational, providing a consumer-backed platform to nudge towards their content, product or service that is meant to be un-intrusive, organic and a simple meeting of consumer desire and business foresight. The faster communication that this allows is very convenient when you’re dealing with a large volume of customer service issues, having the ability to chat back and forth in real time.

Social Media Retargeting

The in-built algorithms give a personal touch to the experience without any active involvement of the business and through social media retargeting, you can place a line of code on your site that tracks your visitors.

Every business knows that the fundamental cornerstone of their survival is the perceived interest the people have in what it is offering and; information related to this can be vital in taking future advantage of the same market.

A subtler form of retargeting is the interaction between the customers and the business through social media, which keeps the former engaged, up-to-date on the activities of the business and at the forefront of creating awareness, especially in the social media sphere. Building that type of brand loyalty doesn’t happen overnight, but social media can help you get there a lot faster. You have the ability to consistently interact with your audience, respond to questions in real time and build a tribe on different platforms.

Be the Voice of the Mass Public Using Social Media

The idea behind social media is just that; to be the voice of the mass public who have a virtual presence and want to be socially relevant and interactive. This voice leads to a lot of great ideas and access to information that start trending on social media. There has never been a more convenient platform to market on; we help prominent and upcoming businesses to establish their virtual presence to continue being able to reap the benefits of SEO, SMO & SMM.

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